Aadhar Card Changes/Correction/Update – Name, Address, Phone, DOB

Hi folks, today I am going to share a piece of useful information regarding the updates/changes need to do with the Aadhar card. As you know, it is an imperative document used as an identity card throughout India. But sometimes, you may receive your Aadhar card with wrong information because of printing mistake, wrong application of the Aadhar card or mistyping of Aadhar card application form at the time of the online process.

Aadhar Card Correction in 2020

aadhar card update in 2019

In this post, I am going to reveal the process which is used to update/change aadhar card details by using Aadhar card address, date of birth (DOB), phone number and others. There are two methods available for changing your Aadhar card details:

  • Online method
  • Offline method

The first method is named as online. It has great importance as it can save a lot of time as all the process has been done by the computer and no external efforts are required. I like it the most as it ensures the accurate results within no time. But we can’t ignore the people who not have any knowledge of operating a computer or any other gadget. That’s why the government of India has made another way to use for update or change aadhar card details. This method is famous with the name ‘offline’. But if you are coming in a second category, then you have to take patience for 50-60 days as this process is time-consuming but accurate.

Update/Change Aadhar Card Details Offline by official Website

As already specified, this method has made in favour of people who don’t know the computer or sometimes don’t willing to use the computer. For this type of people, the offline way for updating / changing the Aadhar card details is the best method.

For this, the person willing to update the information has to go to nearby Aadhar card Kendra and collect one application form used to update. If no aadhar Kendra is available or he is unable to get an application form because of some circumstances, then he may have an option to download Aadhar card application form by using the official web portal. After getting the application form, please follow the following steps:

  • Fill all required details shown on the application form in an appropriate method.
  • Attach all the relevant documents with your form such as ID proof or date of birth (DOB) proof.
  • Now send your complete Aadhar application form to the address mentioned in the form.

Now the question arises what type of information you are supposed to change:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Mobile Phone Number

As mentioned above, this method takes some time, but you will really experience an appropriate result. Further, this offline method used for changing/updating Aadhar card information has been used by many people and getting very positive results. If you are unable to operate the computer, then don’t be confused and just use it and get expected results and also suggest it to your friends as they must know it.


Update/Change Aadhar Card Details Online by official Website

This procedure is made by the people who know to operate computers or don’t have the patience to wait for 50-60 days. In other words, this method is perfect in a case where the user wants to get instant updates. You have to keep in mind that all the updates such a name, date of birth (DOB), gender, mobile number, and address should be done by using the UIDAI website anytime. So the people who got the wrong information on their Aadhar card are supposed to update/change it as per following mentioned steps:


Steps to follow while changing, updating and correcting Aadhar card:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Aadhar card

  • Open the official web portal https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update issued by the Indian government. LINK OF Website
  • Write the Current Aadhar card information
  • Enter the captcha as given in the form

Step 2: Validate One Time Password (OTP)

Just enter the OTP button and you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number
Enter the shown OTP and select the login button

Step 3: Choose the information you want to change

  • Select the option shown on the form whatever you want to update/change/correct such as date of birth, surname, gender, address and more
  • You are supposed to tick one or more changes as per your requirement

Step 4: Update/change the information on the Aadhar card application

  • Enter the correct information you want to add into the Aadhar card as in this step you have full access to your application form.
  • Please check twice or even thrice before going to the next step of Aadhar card correction online procedure.

Step 5: Submit the Eaadhar application form

  • After completing your Aadhar card form, the next step is to submit it
  • Before submitting, review your Aadhar card application and update it again if you find any error
  • Now submit and proceed towards succeeding step

Step 6: Upload the documents being self-attested as per updates/changes

  • Please select the documents as you selected in step 3
  • Before uploading, you must have scanned copies of attested documents
  • Now choose the submit button

Step 7: Get the URN to your registered mobile number

  • After submitting the final application of Aadhar card updates/changes, you will receive a URN to your registered mobile number.
  • Please save it as you can check the status of your updated Aadhar card

This is all about the Update Aadhar Card by using the online or offline modes as per your comforts. Just follow all the steps one by one and you would get your result in an accurate manner.

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