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It may be remembered that every citizen is a policeman without uniform and every policeman is a citizen in uniform. Participation from the members of  public in the functioning of police is very important as it not only helps the police but also the public.


In several cases, witnesses are unwilling to disclose information of  local crime incidents as they fear reprisals at the hands of criminal elements. Sometimes citizens want to give information about  serious crimes such as unauthorized weapons, narcotic drugs, explosives, contrabands etc, while not disclosing their identities. To help such citizens, this service has been started.



Citizens can help the police in two ways:


(a) In Investigation of crime.
(b) In prevention of crime.

(a) In investigation, people can pass on valuable information to police regarding:


Description of the accused / suspects.

Registration number and description of the vehicle involved in the commission of crime and the direction in which it departed after the commission of crime.

Reporting  that a vehicle has been abandoned in a public place for a long time

Reporting information about weapons

Reporting information about explosives

Reporting information about contrabands

Reporting information about narcotic drugs, etc.


The members of the public are also advised not to handle anything which would  help in collecting valuable piece of evidence against the offender; nor should they disturb the scene of offence till the arrival of police.

In several countries abroad, there are crime-fighting programmes known as CRIME STOPPERS to deal with crime while keeping the citizenry perfectly insulated.

(b) In the prevention of crime:


Here also, members of the public can play a major role. Merely taking safety precautions in one's own interest is also a major contribution. Important tips for the members of the public are provided in the earlier paragraphs.




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