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The New Mission... of this conceptualized health care division of K.L.E.S. Hospital & Medical Research Centre is to bring to the public and people at large, who would need an alternative medicine system with a "Holistic Approach" based on our ancient Indian Medicine System, and as well as the Homeopathic approach, where the individual can find much sighted relief for his chronic illness under very closely guarded medical experts supervision. The goal of the KLES Hospital is always:

" WE CARE, WE CURE" and as well as "WE COMMIT" our services too !


Coming to this new health care centre is both very different from seeing your family doctor and a vital addition to the care. At KLES' Alternative Medicine Health Care Centre, you  have an access to an entire team of specialists skilled at treating every aspect of your disease incorporating traditional Indian Medicine System with a holistic approach. The team includes specialist in Ayurveda, Yogic-Science, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy and guided Meditation.

One of the most important benefit of being a KLES' patient is that you have a single, efficient, accountable source for your health related needs. All in one convenient, comfortable location. In all, KLES' Hospital & Medical Research Centre, that can offer you and your family physician, to help and put you in charge of your health. Let  us get together to discuss your individual health care needs.

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (Department of Holistic Medicine):

Alternative and Complimentary Medicine (Holistic Medicine) is a group of diverse health care system, that is presently not considered to be a part of modern medicine. Complimentary medicine is used with modern medicine e.g. Yoga, Massage baths, etc. Alternative medicine is used instead of modern medicine like Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, etc. The Indian system of medicine includes Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Yoga and Naturopathy, whereas Homoeopathy has a German origin.

A large section of the world's population believes in traditional medicine, despite the great advancements in allopathic medicine. India has produced some well-defined systems of medicine. Indian systems of medicine hold that health is a dynamic process, not just an absence
of disease. These systems are more patient centered (the personality of the patient as significant as what the problem is) and less invasive. 

The idea that health involves both the mind and body, emphasized in Indian philosophy and medicine is getting worldwide attention today. Research is underway in many schools of alternative medicine to cope with modern maladies.





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